Policies and Proceedures

Cancellation Policy:  7 day advanced notice must be provided for room cancellation. Cancellations made within 7 days of the reservation may result in the full first night room rate being charged to the credit card on file. Cancelling in advance of the 7 day period will result in no cancellation fee. If a cancellation must be made within 7 days of the reservation, please call  435-826-4000 or email [email protected]

GROUP Cancellation Policy:  If a group reserves 3 rooms or more, we ask for TWO WEEKS advanced notice for cancellations, if needing to cancel 2 or more rooms. If only 1 room needs to be cancelled, please alert us at least 7 days in advance.  If a group cancellation must be made within 2 weeks of the reservation, please call  435-826-4000 or email [email protected]. If a group cancels 2 or more reservations with less than 2 weeks notice, this will be subject to a charge of the first night’s reservation fee for each room needing to be cancelled.

Check-in Time:  3PM MT to 9PM MT Daily. If after 9PM, please call for check-in instructions – 435-826-4000.

Late Check-in Time:  Arrivals after 9PM please contact our staff for instructions prior to arrival or let us know during booking. We understand unexpected travel delays happen. Please call 435-826-4000 or email [email protected]

Check-out Time:  11AM MT Daily.

Late Check-out Time:  To inquire about late check-out options, please contact staff at 435-826-4000 or email [email protected].

Reservations:  A valid, major credit card is required for all reservations at the time of booking to ensure your reservation is complete. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER. Guests must be 18 years of age or older to book a reservation and check in.  Where circumstances dictate this policy may be amended, please contact staff at 435-826-4000 or [email protected].

Forms of Payment:  VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER are accepted as forms of credit card payment for lodging services. We also accept cash payments. Credit card information is needed to complete your reservation either online or over the phone. The credit card will be charged for the authorized amount upon check-in or for any no show or late cancellation policy charges. *During our “contactless check in” time frame, credit cards provided to hold the reservation will be charged manually the morning of your check-in date.*

No-Show:  A no-call, no-show reservation is one in which a reservation is made and the guest does not register or check-in on the date reserved.  The guest is responsible for the full room charges for the first night, which will be charged to the credit card on file.  In the event the oversight is lodge responsibility, no fee will be charged.

Smoking:  The Entrada Escalante is 100% SMOKE FREE!  A non-refundable cleaning fee of $500 will be assessed to the credit card on file immediately upon discovery of smoking in the room. This fee covers cleaning and sanitizing of walls, ceilings, furniture, drapes, carpets, windows and mattresses. There is absolutely no smoking on covered patio areas, and smoking must be at least 50 feet away from buildings.

Pets:  Pets are welcome in select rooms for a fee of $35 per night and $15 for each additional night, maximum 2 pets per room. A Pet Agreement must be signed prior to pets staying on the premises. See Pet Agreement for further details about our pet guidelines. The pet fee will be added as a line item to your invoice total when you check in.

Wifi Access:  Premium, complimentary wifi is included with your stay at the Entrada Escalante Lodge. Network and password information will be provided upon check-in.

Guest Consideration:  Entrada Escalante encourages our guests to enjoy the evening hours especially outside underneath the stars on our private patio seating. Please be considerate of others during the quiet hours of 9PM MT to 7AM MT.

Room Furnishings:  Entrada Escalante takes pride in offering state of the art home furnishings to make your stay pleasant. We inventory our items to ensure furnishings remain in place for future guests to enjoy. In the event something is missing from the room after your stay, the lodge staff will attempt to contact you to inform you of the incident and a fee will be charged to the credit card on file for the missing item.

Key Card Energy Switches:  Our lodge takes pride in doing what we can to protect the environment. Energy saving appliances and technology have been installed at this facility. Upon check-in, guests will be provided with keys for access into rooms and for use in key card activated energy switches. These switches are at the main entrance of each room and allow room power to be turned on. Keys should remain in the energy switch while guests remain in the room and removed so power shuts off when guests are away. We have installed multiple outlets within the rooms that remain hot with power at all times. The hot outlets are to be used to charge guest electronics.